Cathy Carter, Petaluma, CA

The Academy of Interior Design was a fabulous experience! The course exceeded all my expectations. I give it 10 stars!

Kim Kapellusch and Wanda Colon co-created the "experience" that is offered at The Academy of Interior Design. Detailed educational material and classes on every aspect of the interior design industry, along with trade tips to getting the client and the business, creating the comprehensive design plan, implementing the design plan, launching and marketing the business, keeping a positive mindset, and leaving the classroom prepared to open our businesses was all included. This all takes place in a very "chill" learning space where Wanda meets you on Monday morning with a huge smile that stays the entire week. Wanda's dedication to educate, inspire and support her student's passion to design and create interior design businesses is so obviously infused in every step of the journey that she enables the students to see themselves as designers and to think and act on their dreams with her by their side.

I left with a scheduled VIP coaching call scheduled with Wanda for the following Monday morning and will have that available to me for the next six months as part of my training. Wanda will always be a text away forever! I am sure of that!!!!!

When I called Kim to see if she thought it would be smart to attend the Academy of Interior Design, she was a great coach. She "listened" and heard I was passionate about various "lanes" of the design industry and encouraged me to go for it. I am so happy we chatted. This has been a monumental game changer for a new career in the field of my dreams..."design"...and The Academy has provided exactly that for me. I love interior design and this course is amazing.

During the week in Los Angeles we were blessed and inspired by not only Wanda and Kim but also every other instructor and guest speaker. Wanda's business partner George Cambron (we all adored) brings the perfect harmonious 'designer team' to the room. Wanda and George are a "dynamic duo" that shine in different design approaches and it blends together for a perfect "reveal". George in his gentle delivery instructed us on floor plans and layouts, drawings and symbols, sample client "job scopes" etc etc with his unique inspirational approach. He is very organized and passionate as well. They are role models that are active in the interior design field. Speakers on flooring, paint, web applications, marketing on social media, a business coach who inspires positive thinking, along with sharing with the other design students added to the comprehensive format. We had so much fun on our field trip to the LA Mart. George and Wanda are very popular there. The LA Mart designers shared their passion and experiences (lighting, furniture, fabric, texture, policies, procedures etc etc) while we gazed at all the pieces!! We witnessed the value of the relationships that George and Wanda have with their vendors showing us even more reasons why they have huge success with their business.

I knew I was where I was suppose to be every step of the way. Wanda shares stories and secrets and most of all her heart. She made it so much fun maximizing our learning experience and it was so helpful while absorbing and visualizing all of the material. I left the classroom overwhelmed with emotion as I knew I had not only experienced a very special week in my life but I had met amazing people that were now part of my design journey! Thank you very much Wanda and Kim......George...my classmates...and all the guest speakers.
I am ready to be an Interior Designer!!!!! Good luck and God bless!!

Thank you Wanda for your heart and your passion!!!! Your imprint is amazing!

Kristin Hildebrand, Manhattan Beach CA

Krisin Hildebrand
The Academy of Interior Design changed my life. I have toyed with the idea of getting my credential as an interior designer and starting my own interior design studio for several years but never known the steps to take or where to start. Finally, after a lot of online research trying to find the right program, I landed on the Academy. I loved what it offered but hesitated because of the price tag. I called one of the owners to talk it over before signing up. Kim walked me through step by step, answering all of my questions very patiently (never pressuring me at any moment) and then said something that made my gut tell me that this was the kind of course I wanted to be a part of. She said "we started the academy as a mentoring program first, a business second -- we love what we do, and we are passionate about mentoring aspiring designers and home stagers and equipping them with the right tools necessary to be successful." Then she told me that after the course ends, they provide six months of free coaching (as part of the design program to help start our business). After hearing these two things, my gut said go for it. So I did. I just completed the course yesterday. I am officially an interior designer and am starting to put the pieces together to start my business. None of this would have been possible without my experience at the Academy.

Everything Kim promised me was true, and more. The course exceeded my expectations in every way. Our teacher, Wanda, was unbelievable. She's one of the best interior designers in the business and the fact that we got to learn from her is ... INVALUABLE. Words can't really describe how amazing she is. She's incredibly talented, knowledgeable, well-versed in the business, articulate, patient (with my million questions) and SO KIND. The course was incredibly informational and comprehensive -- we covered SO much information in one week! We learned the in's and out's of the business, the keys to being successful, business building essentials and so much more. They brought in different reps (Kohler, ProSource, Sherwin Williams) for us to learn from and ask questions to. We had an advertising agency talk to us for an hour about how to successfully market our business (this stuff is invaluable! they really equip you with everything you need!). They taught us how to use the necessary software to create design boards for our future clients. They taught us about pricing scales and business contracts. They helped us with our mission statements. The course is also incredibly immersive. Wanda took us to LA Mart (a trade only showroom where as interior designers we'll purchase furniture for our clients) and introduced us to vendors there that will be my future business partners.

And lastly, on top of all of that -- and perhaps most importantly, they teach you to believe in yourself. They teach you that what you have is a GIFT, and that you need to be all in on yourself.

THANK YOU WANDA AND KIM, I mean it - you've changed the course of my life.

Suha I., Beirut, Lebanon

This course exceeded my expectations, and the instructors were absolutely awesome. The first time I inquired about the program by phone, Kim Kapellusch was extremely friendly in explaining all about it in details. She was also so very welcoming to overseas students that encouraged me to travel all the way from Lebanon to attend the course. George Cambron is one of the most gifted interior designer and a great instructor to have! He explained thoroughly everything related to space planning and how to read blueprints. He was completely knowledgeable about the latest and most important interior design softwares that are used in the market. Wanda Colón is another exceptionally talented interior designer and great instructor! She made the class so much fun, very interesting, and most of all real! She's beyond knowledgeable about residential and commercial designs and shared with students all the tricks of the trade in Interior Design. She's very creative and so inspiring on the personal and professional levels. Thank you Wanda for giving your heart and soul in this competitive business! Finally, I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to become a successful interior designer.

Natalie Mor., Los Angeles, CA

I want to share my experience with The Academy Of Interior Design. It started when I called to get information and I got Kim on the line. Kim was super nice and explained everything I need to know about the program. Then I met Wanda Colon! Everything that I will say will not compare to the wonderful experience that I had. Every school can teach you the technicality behind Interior design but only Wanda Colon can teach you how to become an Interior designer !!!! Wanda is teaching how to be a designer, how to think like a designer, how to start the Interior design business, what will you need in order to start working and more..... Wanda is an inspiration for any one who want to be successful as an Interior designer. Wanda has NO problem to share her "secrets" and tips in order for you to succeed! Wanda's partner George was amazing and very professional and at the same talking he was funny and warm. I can continue on and on..... let me tell you this: I am so inspired by Wanda that today is almost a week after I got my certificate of Interior design and I already open my business, got my tax ID number, opened a bank account, got the design software, and open accounts with vendors. WANDA COLON: YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND!!!! Thank you!

BEVERLY Parkinson, los angeles, CA

“Wow! The class was so moving for me I had to pull over in my car and let out all the emotions. I want you to know what an intense gratitude I am feeling. My mind is flooded with so much information and yet I feel a sense of extreme confidence. I want you to know how much this class has injected a hard dose of confidence into my heart and soul. This class is a moving experience because it is such an empowering one. The care and attention that you have given to me in both this class and the home staging class made me feel like you had planted and tenderly cultivated an amazing (and very stylish bordering on bling) set of wings for me. Thank you so much for that! I LOVE my new wings!”

Shilpa Agarwal, New Jersey

"Where do I begin? You have inspired me more than I even thought was possible. I came into this course having some expectations and you exceeded them by miles. You along with all the wonderful guests speakers did such an amazing and thorough job teaching us the ropes. You have provided me with a lot more confidence and excitement to get home and start up my company."
Mickey, South Orange County
Laura, Tucson, Arizona
Terry, Blandon, Pennsylvania
Beverly P., Los Angeles, California

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